about us


Founded in 2018, as an IT outsourcing company, Cloud Staff Professionals (CSP) has had first-hand experience of the benefits and sometimes challenges of outsourcing, both nationally and overseas.
Over the last three years, our focus has moved to managing outsourced personnel and teams, bridging the gap between the  substantial benefits that outsourcing provides and the quality of services being provided. Being an Australian-owned and managed business gives our customers several advantages. The two most important of these, are trust and confidence. We believe using a hybrid of Australian account management and overseas talent, provides our clients with a higher overall level of service and enhances the productivity, efficiencies, and cost benefits that Outsourcing provides. CSP works with your business in understanding the role/skills required, selecting the candidates/team and ongoing management of the personnel.

CSP focusses on a few specific industries and roles within an organization. We believe this focus provides better value for our clients, as industry knowledge means minimal training periods with higher productivity and efficiencies for your business. Depending on the role and our clients’ requirements, candidates will generally have a minimum of 1-2 years’ experience in your industry and in some cases have already worked in similar organisations in Australia. This makes the training process shorter and simpler and allows our clients to benefit from the engagement sooner. For more information on CSP advantages, you can view the “CSP Advantages” (hyperlink) or fill in the form on the “contact-us” page for more information or a call from one of our local account managers